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This is a Crazy Person's Diary...

Damn it feels reasonably adequate to be a gangster.

29 February 1984
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My name is Genevieve Morrissy. In my spare time I like to cover myself in motor oil and roll around naked in plastic Barbie Doll arms and legs while reciting Shakespearean sonnets to an audience of stuffed animals dressed up like fairies. I also enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset.

Here are a few things I do in my spare time: Listening to music, watching movies, photography, eating, sleeping, enjoying pointless holidays, ditching the fuzz, splashing in puddles, underwater basket weaving, singing in the shower, hookin' on the corner, deep sea diving, keeping expensive pocket watches, ruling the universe, wearing flashy pants, getting fatter, adding to my Chuck Taylors collection, enjoying machinimas, loving people who wear glasses, calling other people fat, stumbling, playing with squirrels, hosting masqurade balls, killing zombies, commanding the loyalty of all sea creatures, using The Force, developing my alter-ego and of course, getting small.